AWARDS: $2,350,000 award to automobile accident wrongful death plaintiffs • jury acquittal – double criminal homicide • $1,000,000 award to motorcycle accident wrongful death plaintiffs • jury acquittal – criminal homicide • $465,000 award to medical malpractice plaintiff • jury acquittal – criminal homicide, recklessly endangering another person, neglect of a care dependent person • $325,000 federal jury verdict, UIM and insurance bad faith award to automobile accident plaintiffs • jury acquittal – attempted criminal homicide • $300,000 award to medical malpractice plaintiff • jury acquittal- attempted criminal homicide, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon • $300,000 award to automobile accident/ products liability plaintiffs • jury acquittal – homicide by vehicle while DUI, homicide by vehicle, aggravated assault by vehicle DUI, aggravate assault by vehicle • $115,000 award to truck accident plaintiff • jury acquittal – murder, rape • $100,000 non-jury trial verdict to facial laceration plaintiff • jury acquittal – 1st degree Murder (capital case) • $90,000 award to premises liability/slip-and-fall plaintiff • jury acquittal – DUI, terroristic threats, carrying firearms without a license • $440,000 award to civil rights violation plaintiff • jury acquittal – theft, receiving stolen property • $135,000 award to civil rights violation plaintiff • jury acquittal – possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance (PWI) • $636,000 jury verdict in plaintiffs’ medical malpractice case • jury acquittal – indecent assault, indecent exposure • $550,000 award in plaintiffs’ personal injury case • juvenile case acquittal- solicitation to commit aggravated assault, aggravated assault of unborn child • $250,000 award to mass transit accident plaintiff • jury acquittal – theft, receiving stolen property, conspiracy • $130,000 award to premises liability/slip-and-fall plaintiffs • court-appointed appellate counsel – Supreme Court of Pennsylvania reversal of rape conviction • $465,000 award to automobile accident plaintiff • jury acquittal – aggravated assault • $125,000 award to automobile accident plaintiff • jury acquittal – DUI • non-jury acquittal – dismissal of armed robbery charges • $170,000 award to automobile accident plaintiffs • successful jury verdict in defense of attorney charged with legal malpractice in professional liability case • $140,000 award to injured bicyclist plaintiff • non-jury acquittal – dismissal of 2 counts of criminal homicide • $180,000 award to employment discrimination plaintiff • jury acquittal – indecent exposure • non-jury custody trial – award of primary physical and legal custody of minor to paternal grandparents over natural mother • juvenile decertification petition granted to criminal homicide charges – release at age 21 • non-jury custody trial – award of primary physical and legal custody of minor to father • jury acquittal – DUI • $90,000 award to automobile accident plaintiffs • non-jury custody trial – award of primary physical and legal custody of minor to mother • $50,000 jury verdict for plaintiff- passenger in automobile accident case • non-jury custody trial – award of primary physical and legal custody of minor to father • hung jury – Arson trial (no criminal punishment imposed) • $265,000 award to premises liability plaintiff • jury acquittal – delivery of a controlled substance • $125,000 award to premises liability plaintiff • jury acquittal – DUI • $190,000 award to products liability plaintiff • $150,000 award to premises liability/construction accident plaintiff • $750,000 award to prison medical malpractice and civil rights violation plaintiff • $90,000 award to automobile accident plaintiffs • $108,500 award to automobile accident plaintiff • $80,000 award to automobile accident plaintiff • $150,000 award to truck accident plaintiffs.
Charles Law is Endorsed by the Better Business Bureau
Charles Law is Rated AV Preeminent


Their Passion for Justice, Commitment to the Client and Zealous Advocacy is Truly Second to None.

“I have known Fred and Dennis Charles personally and professionally for many years. As a former prosecutor who has been practicing criminal law for almost 30 years I feel uniquely qualified to comment on their ability as litigators. I can state without hesitation that they are two of the finest attorneys I have ever had the honor to work with.


Their passion for justice, commitment to the client and zealous advocacy is truly second to none. They are guided by a relentless work ethic and dedicated to obtaining the best possible result in every case, for every client. It is an absolute pleasure to give them both my most enthusiastic recommendation.”

Peter Frankel | Cohen, Frankel & Ruggiero, LLP New York, New York

Incomparable Expertise

Attorneys Fredrick E. Charles and Dennis G. Charles  of the Charles Law Offices provide superior legal representation in both criminal and civil law, while exercising  the highest degree of  moral and ethical integrity. Their expertise, case preparation, attention to detail, and trial skills are incomparable,  and is evident in their numerous and consistent  courtroom victories and settlement awards.

Joe Hanna | Sheriff of Lehigh County, Retired Chief of Police

I Admire Their Wealth of Knowledge

“Fredrick and Dennis Charles are great lawyers. I have known them since 1983 when I was assigned as Pastor of St. George Orthodox Church in Allentown. I have witnessed them dealing with and defending the rights of many, and I admire their wealth of knowledge, their ability to remember minute details, and their high moral and ethical attributes. I have always known them to be dependable, reliable, generous and honest in their dealings with others, and carry out the commitments that they undertake. They are wise, of good judgment, initiators of action, responsible,  trustworthy, accountable and set good examples. I am blessed to have known and worked with them in my life journey.”

Very Reverend Anthony G. Sabbagh | Pastor, St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church.

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The Best Attorneys

I am an estate planning, probate, and tax attorney from Scranton, Pennsylvania and have known Attorneys Dennis G. Charles and Fredrick E. Charles  of Charles Law Offices for  approximately 40 years.  Over the years, I have referred many civil and criminal matters to these fine gentlemen, and they always have provided superb legal representation to my clients.   I have found them to be the best attorneys I know in their fields of practice, and although they are more than a two hour car ride from my offices, I refer my clients to them and will continue to do so.  They are knowledgeable, skilled, proficient, capable attorneys who always go the extra mile  in order to  zealously and ethically represent their clients’ legal interests, and to provide an outstanding and comfortable attorney-client experience.

Dante A. Cancelli | J.D., LLM.

Extremely  Knowledgeable and Highly Ethical

“After being turned away and told by two other medical malpractice law firms that my case was “unwinnable,” I contacted Charles Law Offices. Both Attorneys are excellent, hard-working trial attorneys who are extremely knowledgeable and highly ethical. They produced an outstanding and favorable outcome for me. I highly recommend Charles Law Offices  to anyone who has suffered personal injury as a result of medical, professional or other negligence, and wishes to pursue what can be complicated and challenging litigation against the responsible party.”

Catherine R. Van Langen | Retired Radiological (ASRT) and Nuclear Medical Technologist

I Would Endorse Attorney Fredrick Charles to Anyone Without Reservation

“On January 22, 2004, three Easton Police employees and I were either demoted, fired or forced to retire because of our political affiliation to a candidate that lost an election for the position of Mayor of the City of Easton. I can say without reservation that after thirty years of dedicated service with the Easton Police Department, I felt like my life had abruptly ended and was changed forever. Within a week of my forced retirement I retained Attorney Fredrick Charles as my counsel at the insistence of a mutual friend. Attorney Charles evaluated the details of my case and took me as a client. Attorney Charles meticulously guided me through a mountain of legal hurdles and reassured me countless times that my case had merit even when I wanted to abandon the case and quit. The attention to detail and the precision with which Attorney Charles prosecuted this case was nothing short of remarkable. I received a positive result in my action which resulted in one of the highest paid settlements in this region of the country for a discrimination action due to political affiliation. What was more important was the vindication that I received in this settlement that I had done nothing wrong to deserve what had happened to me. I would endorse Attorney Fredrick Charles to anyone without reservation and am willing to speak to anyone about my very positive professional relationship with him.”

Captain John J. Mazzeo (Ret.) | Easton Police Department

“I’ve Been Examined by Approximately 3,000 Attorneys in my 52 years of law enforcement, and in my opinion

Attorney Dennis G. Charles is One of the Very Best.”

I am retired from the Pennsylvania State Police, serving from 1962 through 1993. I was the 7th Chief Forensic Firearms and Tool Marks Examiner in the history of the Pennsylvania State Police. I am court qualified as a Forensic Firearms and Tool Marks Examiner, Photographer, Fingerprint Examiner and Crime Scene Reconstruction Expert.   From 1995 through 2000 I worked for Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, D.C. as a Forensic Firearms and Tool Marks Expert.  From 2000 through 2006, I was a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Detective, testifying in all of the above-mentioned disciplines. My first contact with Attorney Dennis G. Charles was in the  Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas, in Pennsylvania. He was the defense attorney in a murder case, and I was the ballistics expert.  Having testified in several thousand trials, it was evident to me that Attorney Charles had spent considerable time preparing cross examination of an expert witness.  In addition to my testimony for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I was eventually hired by Attorney Charles on three separate occasions involving charges of murder or attempted criminal homicide.  I had the opportunity to see first hand how thoroughly he prepares for trial. Additionally, he is very thorough and very effective in his courtroom demeanor and in the presentation of his cases.  I have personally been examined by approximately 3,000 attorneys in my 52 years of law enforcement, and in my opinion Attorney Dennis G. Charles is one of the very best.

Leon E. Krebs | Chief Forensic Firearms and Tool Marks Examiner, Pennsylvania State Police, Retired

Skilled, Passionate, and Does Not Give Up

“I have known Attorney Dennis Charles professionally for over 20 years.  I am familiar with his style of practice firsthand since I have been an expert witness in many of his cases. Aside from his excellent knowledge of the law, he is very passionate and dedicated to his clients. He does not give up on his clients with difficult problems. His exemplary and successful defense of an unfortunate teenager charged with double criminal homicide impressed me the most. Attorney Charles  has excellent trial skills, a tremendous work ethic and very high moral values.”

Farhad Sholevar, M.D. | Board Certified Psychiatrist

One of the Finest Trial Attorneys

Over the past 40 years, Dennis G. Charles has been a loyal personal friend to me and my family.   As a retired Police Captain and current Chief of Police, I have followed Dennis’ career as a trial  attorney, and watched his many courtroom victories as he progressed into one of the finest trial attorneys in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Dennis vigorously and zealously represents his clients’ legal interests, while maintaining compassion and integrity in the presentation of their cases.  I am honored to have him as a close trusted friend.

George J. Boksan | Law Enforcement Officer

Extremely Tough to Beat

“Attorney Dennis Charles has tremendous litigation skills. I’ve never known a lawyer more prepared or focused. He has the ability to dissect a case much like a skilled surgeon, with absolute calm. Nothing seems to rattle this guy or distract him from his goal on a case which, of course, makes him extremely tough to beat.”

Wes Taylor | President, Taylor Aviation

Thorough Representation

We hired Attorney Dennis G. Charles of Charles Law Offices when our son was wrongfully charged with the armed robbery of a Family Dollar store.  We never needed legal representation before, so this was uncharted waters for us.  We felt our situation had extenuating circumstances and talked this over with Dennis.   Dennis  is both professional and personable. We ultimately felt he would give our case the attention, time and dedication it needed.  During the hearing, it was very clear that Dennis had done his research and was very prepared with excellent questions and comments.  At the close of  the hearing, all of the criminal charges against our son were dismissed by the court. Dennis’ representation during a unique and difficult case was thorough, and we are very thankful for his work on our case and its successful outcome.  We would highly recommend Dennis and Charles Law Offices to anyone needing legal representation.

Michael Hollenbach | Pastor

A Genuine, Caring Individual

I have known Attorney Dennis G. Charles since 2006 — when he represented my daughter in a civil law suit.  He impressed us from the moment we met him. Attorney Charles has an amazing attention for details, a phenomenal legal knowledge base and, most of all, is a genuine caring individual. I recommend him to anyone that inquires about the need for legal counsel.

Donna Berasley | R.N., Wescosville, PA

An Outstanding Lawyer and Dedicated to His Clients

“Charles Law Offices represented me in my child custody and support case. This was my first time needing a lawyer. When times were difficult for me and I was upset and worried, Attorney Charles was there to explain everything to me and was very understanding. He kept me focused and guided me through the process. I always felt he cared very much about my son and what was the best thing for him, and I appreciated that so much. Dennis is not just a great lawyer, but a wonderful person as well. I have great respect for him as an attorney and an upstanding person. I also noticed the same respect for him  from his peers when we were in the courtroom. Dennis is an outstanding lawyer and dedicated to his clients.”

Jay Saleet | Sun Oil Company LP

Forever Grateful

Our son was a second year college sophomore when he was  accused of sexual assault, indecent exposure and false imprisonment by a fellow female student. Attorney Dennis G. Charles of Charles Law Offices represented us throughout the ordeal.  We went through a jury trial and won the case —  “Not Guilty” on all counts.  Mr. Charles is very knowledgeable, detail oriented and very committed to his work.  Each court day, he showed up on time, very confident, and very prepared.  His legal representation was excellent.  Mr. Charles is someone you can depend and rely on.  We were not afraid or intimidated to talk to him about anything concerning the case.  He never gave us false hope or lead us on.  He was truthful and honest and his counsel was on point.  Mr. Charles was able to work with us concerning the fees.  He was the “Moses” God used to deliver our son.  We will forever be grateful to him. Our family is sold on him for life.

Don and Geraldine | East Stroudsburg, PA

Always Available To Answer Our Questions

Charles Law Offices was invaluable in helping us when we were contemplating seeking primary physical and legal custody of our grandson. Aside from being concerned about what was in the best interest of our grandson, we did not know how to proceed. Attorney Dennis G. Charles explained our options to us and we decided to move forward and seek custody.  During a lengthy custody trial, Dennis was always available to answer our questions.  He is a master trial attorney and was well-prepared and thorough in presenting relevant evidence, and citing facts and law that in the end proved to be the key to our gaining primary custody of our grandson.

T.F. and F.F. | New Tripoli, Pennsylvania

Tenacious and Relentless

I have known Attorney Dennis G. Charles of Charles Law Offices for more than 20 years, have been his co-counsel in a highly publicized juvenile criminal homicide case, and have observed him in action in other high profile criminal and civil trials. Denny is a truly outstanding attorney. I know him as a tenacious and relentless cross-examiner in criminal court.  But his is a general practice of law, and  his expertise  also  includes personal injury and family  law.  There are many attorneys in the Lehigh Valley and throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but if you are lucky enough to have Denny in your corner, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best advice and counsel.

Jim Nechin | Esquire, Criminal Defense Attorney, Philadelphia, PA

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A Family History of Devotion to
Law and Public Service

The Charles Brothers’ devotion to the law is derived from a family history in the legal system and of service to others. Their father, Charles “Chink” Charles (depicted in the lower left-hand corner of the photograph) held a 35 year career in law enforcement, and was selected to serve as the personal bodyguard for former United States Presidents John F. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon and Lyndon B. Johnson during their campaign visits to Allentown.

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